Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sex Toys 101....Lesson 1-The Bullet

Hi.. I'm Annamaria & I sell sex toys.. :-)
Now that we've gotten that out the way let's begin with today's blog. I think that every woman should own sex toys when they are single and should definitely explore them when they are in a relationship. How can you expect a man to be able to please you if you don't know how to please yourself? How can you tell your mate what you like or how you want it if you don't explore yourself first?

With that being said we will use this blog to explore sex toys. For all of you that don't know anything about sex toys read, learn and ask questions. For those of you that have toys please feel free to add your input.

We will be begin with THE BULLET...
This is the basic of all the sex toys. It can be used alone or with different sleeves for added uses & sensations. This should be your first sex toy purchase but I warn you that you will advance from it fairly quickly. Be warned you never forget your first love so you will never forget your bullet. Doesn't matter if you have a truckload of sex toys you will never get rid of him...

Here are the different bullets available:

Maxi Bullet Massager:
Powerful, water resistant and wireless bullets are controlled by unique switch on the end of bullet. Bullet is single speed with high frequency vibrations.


Bullet Massager:
Discover low effort, high impact orgasms. This versatile and powerful pleaser should be a staple in every woman's toy box. Features a daisy wheel for easy control.
Double Bullet Massager:
Two Bullets equals twice the fun. Unleash your imagination and use your creativity for double the pleasure. Two bullets and one control set.
Pulsing Orbiter Massager
If you crave adventure and you like intensity--then this bullet was made for you. With five tempos ranging from a slow pulsing to a rolling pleasure of vibrations, this versatile toy sends women off into a world of intense pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.
Mini Bullet Massager:
Powerful, water resistant and wireless bullets are controlled by a unique switch on the end of bullet. Bullet is single speed with high frequency vibrations.

Here are some ways to make your bullets more fun:

Pleasure safari
Super-stretchy, velvet touch silicone pleasure sleeves are perfect for your soft, sensuous playtime. Designed to fit any vibrating bullet, your playful pet has enhanced texture for added pleasure.
Blossom Bliss
These petals are designed to please. Hands-free vibrator with removable bullet and multi-speed dial. Water resistant.
Bunny Bullet
Hop for joy. Water resistant bullet with seven vibrating functions and a removable bunny sleeve clitoral tickler.
Rockin Rabbit
Rock 'n Roll. Two favorite toys in one combining soft, reverberating bunny ears and an intensely powerful vibrating bullet. Five speeds
All of these can be found in the bullets & more section of my website:
Enter Coupon Code: BULLET and receive 10% off any bullet purchase from now thru August 31st.


Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

My view of the bullet. It is cheap and efficient. Was a main stay during my single days. Thank you bullet

Brooke said...

Believe or not, I've never used one of these, and I've had a few sex toys now. I have a Bullet, just never used it. I think I got it as a free gift from you :) LOL!

I guess I advanced way faster than I should have, but that's probably because my first sex toy was bought for me by my girlfriends for my birthday. I jumped right to the Rabbit - I must be a fast learner ;) LOL!

Now I wonder if I can even enjoy a Bullet given what I'm used to now.

It might be easy, convenient to carry around etc. but do you think I'd get any enjoyment from it given that I'm used to more "advanced" sex toys? Break it down for me :)

Annamaria said...

Yes u did get ur bullet from me! Lmao maybe I can do a blog contest so someone else can get one.
A bullet can be used at any stage of the game and yes u will enjoy it. As Aisha said it is efficient.

Try it.....let me know what u think....maybe u can guest blog about it for an upgrade... ;-)

Melinda Gonzalez said...

Never used one before though curious about them what do you recommend?

Annamaria said...

Either the standard bullet or the blossom bliss.

Randy S. said...

What happened to MAN toys??

Annamaria said...

Next time next time......although if u get ur wife a bullet u can play together...

Ryan Boyles said...

Bullets are affordable, yet have great contributions to a woman’s health!

-Ryan| sex toys Philippines

Ross Taylor said...

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