Thursday, October 6, 2011


So I guess we can all agree that a very brilliant & successful businessman passed away last night. A man that had essentially everything.. Money, Power, Success, all the latest toys from Apple.. :-)
Yet none of this mattered because he couldn't buy health. He caught one of the worst diseases and in the worst form. Cancer. And at the young age of 56 his life is over but his legacy remains.
That's why although we must work, pay bills and do things we may not want to do. It is also very important to enjoy life. Enjoy and appreciate the ones you love. Spend time with them as much as possible. Don't take every business call. Put your kids to bed 5 minutes later & give them hugs & kisses. Heck stay in and seduce your mate. Because once it's all over you won't ever get to do it again. And your friends & family will be wishing they could.

R.I.P. Mr. Steve Jobs. Thank you for your contributions to the world and may your family & friends find peace.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

REPOST... Donate while you still can!!!

On October 6, 2011 I along with a few of my girlfriends will join 1,000 other supporters to climb the steps of 1411 Broadway—a 42-story skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan's Fashion District and Times Square. Why are we doing this? To raise funds to support inMotion, a nonprofit that provides free legal services to battered women and their children. This is our attempt to help battered women & children get the help they need and put us a step in the direction to end domestic violence. The timing of this is perfect as it coincides with our book club book. This month we are reading The End of November by Nicole Sharpe. This is a TRAGIC tale of a women growing up seeing her father abuse her mother & ultimately murdering her and how her life was affected after that. This story hit my hard because it wasn't just a story I was reading. I met her. I stood in her living room and talked to her. And at the time I would have NEVER known everything she had been through.
In my blog and in my business as a passion party consultant I discuss how to keep the romance alive. How to keep things spicy. How to help make a relationship work. BUT none of this is important or necessary if you aren't treated the way you deserve to be treated. NO ONE. Male or female deserves to be physically, mentally or verbally abused. Abuse can take many different forms & no matter how it's packaged it is NEVER ok.
If your mate is physically hurting you please for your own life. End it IMMEDIATELY. Know your worth and never let anyone talk down to you or treat you with any level of disrespect. Because even in the smallest form it's not ok. Let's be strong enough not to fall for the excuse of I was angry. Sorry doesn't make it any better. If you are that mad then you should shut up & walk away. That way you won't have to say I'm sorry later.
As a wife and a mother I am more aware of certain things. And it's no longer about me. It's about my daughter. How I want her to grow up & be treated by whatever man god chooses for her. And although I love my husband very much I will walk away before I allow my child to even THINK it's ok for a man to put his hands on a woman OR speak to her in a disrespectful manner. At this stage in the game it's not something I feel I should discuss. He should just know this. And so should your partner.

Please if you are a victim of domestic violence contact an agency like inMotion and get the help that you & your family need before it's too late.
And for anyone that wants to support our team make it to the top.. Here is the link:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What would you do if.....

So I am addicted to TV. I love reality tv, sitcoms, drama, food shows & medical shows. There is a new show on the investigation discovery channel called Strange Sex. It showcases different sexual ailments that have happened to real people and give you the treatment (if available) and tell you how the person lived & dealt with the problem. Soo of course I will highlight a bunch of them in this blog.
Here is the problem tackled in the first episode I saw...

In this episode they spoke to a woman that was born without a VAGINA.. She basically was born with the vaginal lips & clitoris but she had no vaginal opening for intercourse, childbirth etc. She did not have a uterus or ovaries,etc either. She lived like this for most of her life until the age of 17 when she underwent a procedure to open her up and carve out a canal. They then insert a device that looks like a hollow dildo but it has to remain inside her for a year in order to preserve the opening. She stated that it was sooo painful she couldn't keep it inside & therefore had it removed & the opening closed. Two years later she met a man, they fell in love & she had to inform him of her ailment. He decided surprisingly enough to stick by her & be with her. For her sake & the sake of their relationship she underwent the procedure to give her a vaginal opening again & this time it took. They got married and now enjoy a healthy sex life. They are unable to have children & will probably adopt in order to fulfill that dream.

Now men... Would you be able to date/marry a women that had no vaginal opening? Which caused her not to be able to have sex? Women how would you feel in this situation..