Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Escape......

If you could take a romantic escape with your sweetheart (current, potential or future anywhere in the world. (MONEY NOT BEING AN OBJECT. Where would you go?


I'd want to go to one of those exotic islands like Tahiti or Bora Bora and be in one of those secluded bungalows on stilts completely surrounded by water. You know the ones that have windows that open all the way going all around. I'd want to be there for like a month.

Now GO....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OPEN Sesame....

A friend of mine posted this question on her blog & considering how "open-minded" everyone is on her blog I was surprised to see how heated the discussion got. So I'm extremely curious to see how you all react to this topic.


Some celebs have come out to say that they have open marriages and that they have a respect and understanding towards it and it keeps them happy.
I used to think this was for rich "EXTRA" people who just wanted to be fancy until one of the people that usually comments on her blog stated that him & his wife had an open relationship. In my head I thought WOW regular REAL people do stuff like that. I respected him for admitting that in a public forum because not everyone would and after seeing some of the opinions out there now I know why not everyone would..LOL
I always say to each his own. Some people wouldn't be open to doing things I do the same way I might not be open to doing things other people would do. Personally I couldn't do it. And I know for a fact my husband would probably not be open to the idea of sharing me. But I do want to hear how the rest of you feel...

So would any of you be open to an OPEN relationship/marriage or do you already have one? Are there any rules that you would put in place or have put in place to keep everything in check. Do you have any fears about this arrangement?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Fun...

So this weekend with the big storm looming we will all be stuck in the house.. Wouldn't it be nice to make the best of it and have some fun with whoever you are stuck in the house with??? Here are some ideas on how to pass the time til Irene leaves. Feel free to add your own:

1. If your single invite someone over on Saturday evening so they get stuck in your house!!!

2. Make sure you have candles lit..

3. Make sure you have whipped cream & chocolate syrup in the fridge..

4. Oh yea food & water too..

5. Have an indoor picnic.

6. Watch movies

7. Take a bubble bath together.

8. Play twister....naked... :-)

9. Find new & interesting ways to wake each other up..

10. Even if the lights don't go out where you are turn them all off & play hide & seek..


Thursday, August 25, 2011

You can have it all....

The other day I checked Twitter and there it was.....a tweet from the official@passionparties. It said very cute blog...WOW I thought. Now let's be honest. The point of this blog, my twitter and my facebook account is to get back on track with my passion party business after taking a break for a few months to plan my wedding and get married. Now that the fall is coming I am getting back to business full steam ahead and my effort was being recognized. This is the beauty of this business. Not only do you have the full support of EVERYONE on the team but you feel that support all the time. There is no rivalry or fighting. No competition, just support. Whether its a tweet from Kansas, a facebook comment from Nevada, an email from Cali or a phone call from my upline in NY, there is constant support and encouragement.
Now that I have your attention let me give you some info about the business. I am an independent consultant. What does that mean? It means everything is up to me. I pick when  I want to work, How often, the types of parties, method of advertising, etc. Usually my parties are at night which works great. I get to spend all day with my baby girl and then while she's asleep mommy goes to do a party and she never knows I'm gone. After all she's the reason I joined the business to have the flexibility. I've been a consultant for slightly over a year. I joined a few months after having her  as a way to earn extra money while I was working part time. The beauty of it is I have fun while doing it. Hello I get paid to PARTY. Besides if I'm not giving off that fun vibe how are any of my guests going to enjoy themselves. 
Some people still feel like a passion party is a little wild but its actually a really fun way to relax and enjoy yourselves with your girlfriends or get a group of couples together. We play games, I do a presentation, you place whatever orders you want and everyone goes home happy. I'm working with one of my soon to be hostess on a specialty cocktail for her party. We're going to change the name of a drink to something for HER party & that's going to be what's served at her party.
What are the advantages of the business???
For the hostesses the party doesn't cost anything. There are no fees or upfront payments. Plus you qualify for gifts, discounts & hostess incentives!!! So basically you throw the party & get back in return!!
For people that join the business. You gain financial freedom. Gain a ton of friends. Have fun while working AND get paid very well. No waiting for a check in the mail. You make your money at the party. EASY...

So now that you have all that information sit down and think HOW can I support Annamaria...Do I want to host a party OR do I want to join her team... Once you have that figured out let me know!!!
Contact me today using:

There are sections on my website to request a party date AND to request info on how to become a consultant!! :-)

And Remember you too can have it all!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sexual Bucket List

Thanks to the natural disasters that seem to be occuring almost daily along the East Coast & Carribean lately I figured we should discuss our immortality by exploring our bucket list.. Things we want to do sexually before we die.

So think carefully (although some of you I know don't have to think at all) and come up with as many or as little as you want..

If you knew you were about to die what would your sexual bucket list be???


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses....

I was supposed to go home & blog last night but I had a million and one things to do..So I didn't and came into work early to write it. I allowed myself to come up with an excuse for not blogging..not good since this blog has helped expose my business to more people. It got me to thinking about excuses people give for not having sex....
And from there my blog topic was born!! :-)

What are the craziest, dumbest, wackest excuses for not having sex have you heard, given or been given???


Monday, August 22, 2011

One Word Mondays

And today's word is ANAL.. :-)

Hey this is a passion party blog..once in a while the words will have a sexual undertone...LMAO..

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Night I......

I had such a good time with Random Fact Thursday and hearing all of your wonderful facts (I learned a thing or two) that I wanted to see what you guys could come up with for this one. We'll end the week of with a lil bit of word play with Last night I.......

Feel free to finish the sentence with what you really did OR what you wanted to do OR what you wish you could do...

Maybe you'll get inspired to go home & do it.. ;-)

Last night I.........


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Fact Thursdays...

Last night I was busy being a mommy so I didn't get to blog but I came up with the idea this morning to share Random Facts about sex. This blog after all is a forum for learning & sharing so why not share your knowledge with the group. Plus I learn things I might have not known and I get to use it for my parties.

So with that I will start....

Random Fact: Up until 1884, a woman could be sent to prison for denying her husband sex?????


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get A Room....

You and (insert name are sitting on the sofa in the living room, having a glass of wine,candles lit all over, listening to some jazz playing after having a nice romantic dinner. You guys are feeling each other, you start looking at each other & start kissing. Softly at first & then more passionately...


Woman is cooking dinner in the kitchen..wearing white wife beater & a pair of fitted boy shorts. Man or women (I don't judge..LOL) walks by the kitchen & watches as woman does her thing knowing that her meal will be the shit. She takes a break to sip on a glass of wine while she looks at the stove proud of the meal she's preparing..Man/woman gets aroused looking this sight and wants to take her right then & there...

Now in both of these situations you are in a room that isn't your bedroom. In my opinion I say get it where you want to. I'm not going to stop my husband to tell him let's go to our bedroom. As hard as we work to pay rent & bills we gonna do it wherever we want... And I'm attracted to my husband in a way where the mood sometimes may strike us at any time and we don't wanna wait til we get to our bedroom. Like Fury stated in his blog a few weeks ago sometimes it take something simple like doing it in another room to add a little spice in your relationship..

So my question is this to the blog family.. Do you think sex should be limited to the bedroom or should you just take it where you want it???

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bert & Ernie may be Gay.....

Last week it came out that a group is trying to push for Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street to have a gay marriage. People were outraged...My coworkers were upset NOT because there would potentially be gay muppets on Sesame Street BUT because it was Bert & Ernie. They stated it was too traumatizing to imagine the muppets that had just been friends & roommates since 1969 were now homosexual and having sex with each other. Someone even suggested that they come up with 2 new muppets that could just join Sesame Street & be gay from the beginning.
Personally the whole thing is a big deal for nothing in my opinion. I think a few of us always thought Bert & Ernie were gay AND I think this helps young children with gay parents identify more with their parents & the relationship they may have with each other. I mean we all know that if anyone will do it properly it will be Sesame Street.
So what do you guys think? Do you care if they are gay?? How accepting are you of the gay culture? How would you feel if people you knew for over 30 years decided to get married under the new gay rights law? Would you support them??

Friday, August 12, 2011

Single People Fuck too...

When I first started writing my blog I wrote from my point of view until someone pointed out that I was excluding a whole group of people... Single people. I kept writing about what you would do with & for your mate but I was excluding the people that may not be in a commited relationship...And guess what??? I had to be reminded that Single People Fuck TOO... OMG.
And guess what they sometimes do it better than us people in relationships. Single people (for the most part) are more spontaneous, ready willing & able and do it more frequently. They are more open to experimentation and even more willing to explore their own bodies.

So here are a few questions for the blog family:

1. If you are single. Do you feel you have a healthy & fulfilling sex life?
2. If you are in a relationship, are their any aspects of your "single sex life" that you'd like to incorporate into your commited sex life?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sex Toys 101....Lesson 1-The Bullet

Hi.. I'm Annamaria & I sell sex toys.. :-)
Now that we've gotten that out the way let's begin with today's blog. I think that every woman should own sex toys when they are single and should definitely explore them when they are in a relationship. How can you expect a man to be able to please you if you don't know how to please yourself? How can you tell your mate what you like or how you want it if you don't explore yourself first?

With that being said we will use this blog to explore sex toys. For all of you that don't know anything about sex toys read, learn and ask questions. For those of you that have toys please feel free to add your input.

We will be begin with THE BULLET...
This is the basic of all the sex toys. It can be used alone or with different sleeves for added uses & sensations. This should be your first sex toy purchase but I warn you that you will advance from it fairly quickly. Be warned you never forget your first love so you will never forget your bullet. Doesn't matter if you have a truckload of sex toys you will never get rid of him...

Here are the different bullets available:

Maxi Bullet Massager:
Powerful, water resistant and wireless bullets are controlled by unique switch on the end of bullet. Bullet is single speed with high frequency vibrations.


Bullet Massager:
Discover low effort, high impact orgasms. This versatile and powerful pleaser should be a staple in every woman's toy box. Features a daisy wheel for easy control.
Double Bullet Massager:
Two Bullets equals twice the fun. Unleash your imagination and use your creativity for double the pleasure. Two bullets and one control set.
Pulsing Orbiter Massager
If you crave adventure and you like intensity--then this bullet was made for you. With five tempos ranging from a slow pulsing to a rolling pleasure of vibrations, this versatile toy sends women off into a world of intense pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.
Mini Bullet Massager:
Powerful, water resistant and wireless bullets are controlled by a unique switch on the end of bullet. Bullet is single speed with high frequency vibrations.

Here are some ways to make your bullets more fun:

Pleasure safari
Super-stretchy, velvet touch silicone pleasure sleeves are perfect for your soft, sensuous playtime. Designed to fit any vibrating bullet, your playful pet has enhanced texture for added pleasure.
Blossom Bliss
These petals are designed to please. Hands-free vibrator with removable bullet and multi-speed dial. Water resistant.
Bunny Bullet
Hop for joy. Water resistant bullet with seven vibrating functions and a removable bunny sleeve clitoral tickler.
Rockin Rabbit
Rock 'n Roll. Two favorite toys in one combining soft, reverberating bunny ears and an intensely powerful vibrating bullet. Five speeds
All of these can be found in the bullets & more section of my website:
Enter Coupon Code: BULLET and receive 10% off any bullet purchase from now thru August 31st.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Humpdays

Today's humpday topic is scent..... What scents are you attracted to? What scents put you in the mood?

For me I like clean scents. Irish spring (cuz it wakes up my senses & smells like my hubby) Certain colognes, clean sheets, scented candles...

What are the scents that entice you?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I would leave my mate if......

For those of us in relationships OR single people there are always deal breakers. Things your significant other can do that would make you leave them. The other day I was listening to the radio & they were talking to people who left their mates because they had gained weight. This seemed a lil shallow to me but hey to each their own right?? Now this blog will be dedicated to the shallow part.. We've all heard about the cheating and beating.. BUT what if your mate gained weight? Or lost weight? or got nose job.. Or did something to alter their physcial appearance.. What would your dealbreaker be???

What would make you say I would leave my mate if.........

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Sophia

Before I am anything else I am a mother. Today I am taking the day off from everything to spend the day with my baby girl! Happy Birthday 2nd Birthday Sophia. I love you very much & may you have many many many more.

Special shout out to Mr. Liam who turned 2 yesterday because your mommy was in a rush & decided to beat me in the delivery room! : ) I won't hold it against you. Love u too.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bedroom Personality...

 Submissive & Dominate....

Now we all have our personalities and they play out in our every day life.. But our roles can sometimes be reversed when we're in the bedroom. I for one have a very dominate personality. A lot of times though when I get home I play the submissive wife. When I feel like being fancy I play on my normal dominate personality & take charge. I can go back & forth between giving my husband what he wants or telling him what I want. Changing it up from time to time can add spice or keep things interesting.

So blog familia. What is your bedroom personality? Do you like to change your bedroom personality? What personality to do you like your mate to take on.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

69 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Shout out to B & Fury for allowing me to share! :-)

69 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex The Fury.When you woke up and rolled over this morning, did you see some "regular old crackers"? Are you three days, three months, three years, seven years or more in a relationship and thinking things have to get better because this gumbo has lost its spice?

Need some help spicing up your relationship?

Never fear. The Fury is here.

1) You first have to decide if your partner really wants to spice things up. If not, it won't matter. This kitchen needs two cooks. If both people aren't focused on the dish, it won't be successful.

2) Honest communication. It's time to share those deep, dark, filthy fetishes without judgement and then decide what you both feel comfortable doing.

3) Explore, push the envelope and go at it with reckless abandon!

A friend of mine decided she was ready to explore her freaky side with her new mate. One morning when he walked back into the bedroom after his morning shower, she was playing with her toy, well lubed and told him to give it to her...anally.

He was shocked, thrown off balance...and intrigued.

Another friend webcammed from work with her husband and proceeded to pleasure herself right then and there. She stopped before climax and instructed him that it was his job to finish it when they got home.

They never put their kids to bed faster.

Pushing the envelope works. Here's 69 ways you can do it:

1. Go to the sex club and watch...hell...participate!
2. Go to the strip club together
3. Strip for your man/woman at home
4. Give each other lap dances with a happy ending
5. Role play as soon as they walk in the door
6. Wear a sexy costume
7. Do that freaky thing you always fantasized about but were scared you'd be judged
8. Watch porn together
9. Give her/him some unprovoked, out of the blue, surprise head in the kitchen
10. Swallow for the first time...and enjoy it [or do a great job of acting as if you do]
11. Be gentle with her
12. Tease her
13. Give her/him a massage with a happy ending
14. Have sex in public
15. "Christen" every room in your place (both places if you live separately)
16. Dress. No panties. Let him see you/touch you in public
17. Try new positions. There are LOTS of them.
18. Have a threesome
19. Have a foursome
20. Have a fivesome (...get the picture?)
21. Have sex with all the lights on
22. Have sex with only candles lit
23. Have sex in pitch blackness with only your voices and bodies to tell the tale
24. Have anal sex
25. Titty f#ck
26. Ask for the facial if you really want it
27. Ask her if you can give her a facial if you really wanna try it
28. Record it, watch it together, have more sex, erase it...(ERASE IT!)
29. Record something for him/her
30. Do it with the music blasting
31. Send him sexy pictures while he's out with his boys
32. Send her a sexy picture while she's out with the girls (Don't show anyone those pictures)
33. Go to the spa together
34. Write a sexy story for each other and read them aloud
35. Exercise together
36. Cook for him/her wearing something sexy..or just an apron
37. Talk dirty during sex
38. Tell him/her how you want it...during
39. Spank her
40. Spank him
41. Whip him
42. Whip her
43. Tie her/him up
44. Blindfold her/him
45. Bring out the toys
46. Use her toy on her
47. Use his on toy him
48. Use her toy on him (no judging)
49. Let him watch you pleasure yourself
50. Let her watch you pleasure yourself
51. Mutual masturbation
52. Give him head during Sportscenter
53. Give her head during Basketball Wives
54. Sext
55. Read The Dirty Details together (shameless plug)
56. Have tipsy sex (wine is a wonderful de-inhibitor)
57. Rent a hotel and leave it a wreck from the wild sex you had
58. Have sex in a hard back chair
59. Have sex on a counter top
60. Have sex on a table (please don't break the table)
61. Give him head while driving (stay in the left lane, proceed with caution)
62. Digitally stimulate her while driving (see note above)
63. Flirt with another woman in front of him
64. Whip cream, honey, chocolate syrup, peanut butter...(that was not a recipe)
65. Baby oil, plastic sheets...(that was not a child care tip)
66. Use a toy on her while you're having sex
67. Lick her from the back
68. Lick him from the back
69. 69

They call me The Fury and I suggest you print out this list and leave it on his/her pillow with your favorites circled.

- The Fury

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you don't do it someone else will......

This blog has sparked a number of conversations between my friends/family and myself and a few times people have asked me for advice. By no means am I a relationship expert. I can only tell you what I think I would do in certain situations or using the blog I can post it & let you guys give your opinions. Well I had a very interesting conversation with a friend the other day about lack of sex/intimacy in their marriage. Now before I start let me just say that I know both wife & husband and am cool with both so I am not taking sides...
In a nutshell the wife feels that her husband is always nagging her for sex. She feels that it's all he ever talks about & wants. The husband states that he loves & naturally desires his wife. He says he feels rejected when she denies him and feels inadequate or like he is doing something wrong.

Now as the title states my first instinct is to tell the wife now if you don't bone your husband someone else will so get on it..TWSS But that isn't going to help anyone & it's just mean.
First off I think something is going on with the wife to make her not have any sexual desire. From what I know of her she has ZERO sex life & never wants to do it. She claims she's always tired from work, the household chores and dealing with their daughter. This is understandable but even on days when there is nothing to be done & grandma is babysitting there is still no desire on her part. She claims that she loves her husband and is totally attracted to him but she doesn't feel the need to be intimate with her husband.
The husband loves his wife. He is completely attracted to her and all he wants is to have sex on a consistent basis. He's not asking for it everyday but it's come to a point where he can't even get it on major holidays. He doesn't want to end his marriage and and doesn't want to cheat on his wife but he is at the point where he's given up on ever being intimate with his wife. And again while sex isn't everything it is a very important part of a relationship. I think that if I wasn't able to connect with my husband on that level we'd have issues. But again I can't help but think there is something deeper. A deeper issue that is the root for a lot of the feelings both of these people have. And I think it needs to be explored.

What say you blog family? What do you think you would do in this situation? How would you handle it? Do you think it's normal?

Monday, August 1, 2011

One Word Mondays...

A lot of my friends that have Blogs have decided to do something called Wordless Wednesdays. This is when they post a picture & don't say anything & just let people comment on the picture. I'm going to do something similar. One Word Mondays. Every Monday I will post ONE WORD. You can choose to comment on what it means to you, what you think of when you see it, how it makes you feel, etc etc... So without further adieu.. The word for today is....