Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sex Club...

A while back on a friends blog Brooke's Blog Cafe ( we had a brief blog conversation about going to sex clubs. These are basically clubs where you go with your mate or alone (whatever floats your boat) to engage in sex acts with different people, or to watch people having sex, or to have sex with your partner while other people have the opportunity to watch. Now as taboo as this topic may seem there are quite a few people that we all know that have either gone to these clubs or would go.

Question of the day is would you go to a sex club? Would you take your mate or go alone? How far do you think you would take it?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Product Review

As we all know the original point of the blog is to highlight my passion party business Once every few days/weeks I will highlight a product on my line, describe it and in certain instances offer a limited time discount. If anyone has any questions about anything highlighted please feel free to contact me for more info via my website. Today's product highlight is: Silky Sheet Pomegranate
This product usually comes in 4 different scents botanical breeze, pear, orange mango & plumeria but for the summer it comes in pomegranate. Silky sheets has dual uses. It can be used to spray on the sheets & around the room to create a sexy ambiance. It also can be used after intimacy to dry up those annoying wet spots. Normally sells for $15 but for the next 24 hours it will sell for only $10. Use coupon code BLOG1 during checkout.

Also for any parties booked in Sept & October your party will get the added pleasure of having scrumptious cupcakes provided for you by my wonderful cupcake contact.  This is in addition to any hostess incentives being offered at that time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Humpday

I've decided to play on humpday & make the theme of every Wednesday happy humpday. On Wednesdays we'll have a conversation where we discuss things that will make us wanna
Whether Im advertising a  product or talking about what attracks us to our mate, what puts us in the mood, etc
So with this let's begin with our first Humpday topic....Strip clubs.......
I have no problem with strip clubs. That's the one place I can go that I don't have to worry about looking a certain way or anyone hitting on me cuz no one is looking at (just kidding) I would and have taken my significant other and to be perfectly honest there were never the feelings of jealousy or inadequacy that I've heard other women talk about. Heck I handed out business cards the last time we went. I can honestly say I've never had a bad time at a strip club. It's just another place we can go to when we want a fun/different and not soo romantic date night. And with that I'll open the floor to you guys & gals...

What do you think about them? Have you/would you go to one with your mate? Would it/has it made you jealous? Would you get mad at your mate for going to one?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You get out what you put in...

As you all know I recently got married. I am very happy in my relationship and have been so for quite some time. But as I was discussing with some friends on Friday evening relationships are hard work. Marriage is probably the hardest job I've ever accepted. Throw kids into it and it makes it that much more difficult. As a wife there is a constant struggle to get everything done at home, with the kids, at work & then focus on your husband. As much as most of us don't want to admit it once in a while something gets neglected. And as much as we really hate to admit it most of the time its our husbands. I made a secret promise to myself on my wedding day as I got dressed to invest in my marriage & not neglect my husband. I figured that if I put in the work I'd get that much more out of it. As I was discussing with my friends its not soo much about having problems but you want your mate to want you & desire you just as much as you want & desire them. Sometimes the simplest of gestures can accomplish that. One thing my husband & I try to do at LEAST once a month is date night. We get a babysitter, get dressed up & go out. We do dinner, movies, a bar, a club, we've even gone to a cigar bar to have a cigar & a glass of wine. We try to make things different each time. During all the other times or when we can't find a babysitter we put the baby to sleep & have date night in the living room. Break open a bottle of wine. Turn off all the lights & cuddle on the couch watching a movie.
Now in my discussion on Friday we touched on two suggestions that I hadn't put a lot of thought into but are now sounding really good to me. Counseling & retreats. One wife talked about how her & husband were going to start going to a marriage counselor that a friend recommended. I wondered if she was having problems in her marriage. Almost instantly she said no we're going to prevent problems. We're going to learn more about each other and how to develop our relationship deeper... (SOMEONE SIGN ME and another one spoke about a marriage retreat. This is one weekend a year that her & her husband go away on a marital retreat to get in touch with each other & reconnect. AGAIN a great idea..
So now blog family since my quick conversation sparked a few great ideas on how to invest in a long happy marriage what ideas do you have to keep things interesting? What work do you and your mate put in? Is there anything that you have wanted to try that you haven't? 

Monday, July 25, 2011

One Word Mondays...

A lot of my friends that have Blogs have decided to do something called Wordless Wednesdays. This is when they post a picture & don't say anything & just let people comment on the picture. I'm going to do something similar. One Word Mondays. Every Monday I will post ONE WORD. You can choose to comment on what it means to you, what you think of when you see it, how it makes you feel, etc etc... So without further adieu.. The word for today is....


Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't tell them we.....

I love my friends & family. Everyone that knows me knows that. I talk to my peeps about everything & we have no filters. Now I would assume that when people hear that I am a passion party consultant they would be under the impression that I am a normal married adult with a healthy level of intimacy with my hubby that allows me to do my job to the best of my abilities. It never occurred to me that people didn't think that until my husband brought up the conversation yesterday.. I had to laugh. Although I understand that different people are into different things & some of us are more open minded than others I would think that we would all be comfortable enough for certain discussions not to bother us or make us feel funny. Or maybe my friends & family are just the exception to the rule.

What do you think? Are you & your mate open with each other? Are you and your friends/family open to discussions about anything? Do you filter what you talk about with certain people?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I wish my mate would........

One of the questions I hear a LOT when I tell people I'm a passion party consultant is "is your hubby OK with that"? I also get asked if my husband is into stuff like "that" because most people think there mates aren't. Most people that think their significant other isn't into sex toys probably never had a conversation them about it. Some people have & their mates were uninterested.

Truth be told my husband was not into toys or anything passion party related when we first got together. But as things progressed between us and we talked openly about it he became more comfortable with it all and now looks forward to new products coming out so we can try them. I've heard men say my girl/wife doesn't need a toy because she has me. What people don't understand is that the toy isn't here to replace you. It's here just to add a lil something on a day you feel like being fancy and doing something different. A toy can also help you discover things you & your mate like that you never knew about and it may help your mate open up about things they want to do, try or like.

No one is perfect & relationships are give & take. Sometimes we wish our significant other would do things the way we want them to. Sometimes we think certain things should be automatic but communication is key. And sometimes we may get the wrong impression about why our mate wants us to do certain things. I posed this question to a few people and here were some of my responses...

1. I wish my mate would fold laundry, pick her shoes up & make the bed...
This is what MY husband would say... I will do laundry but I hate folding it & putting it away. And after working all day, running after the baby, cooking, etc the last thing I wanna do is fold clothes. Second I'm a shoe whore. LOVE THEM. If I was a millionaire I would buy shoes all day every day. I wear a different pair of shoes almost every day. I take off my shoes the minute I walk into my house therefore by Friday there are at LEAST 5 pairs of shoes by the door. It annoys him to no end. Lastly I hate making the bed. You're just gonna mess it up when you get back in it later.. and it feels so nice & comfy when i just jump into my unmade bed. I married someone who can NOT go to bed unless the bed is made & has actually discovered how to make the bed with me in it!

2. I wish my mate were more supportive..
One person I asked wished that their mate would give them the support they give. Something simple like just giving your mate your full attention when they speak or acknowledging their feelings is sometimes all your mate needs to know that you care.

3. I wish my mate wanted sex more...
Before everyone rolls their eyes in disgust the person that mentioned this didn't say it in a perverted I need sex all the time sort of way. It was said more in a need to have that intimacy from my mate way. It was mentioned that because their mate didn't initiate sex or rejected them when sex was brought up they in turn felt rejected, possibly inadequate and a loss of intimacy.

So my question to all is what do u wish your mate would do or try????

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

About Me...

I have to admit it.. I'm addicted to blogs. I love reading them, critiquing them and responding to them. I even love harassing my friends as to when they are going to post new blogs. (Sorry Brooke) So rather than be that person that doesn't practice what she preaches, I decided to join the blog community.

Now for those of you that don't know I am a newly married, mother. I am also a part time passion party consultant ( when I am not out saving the world being a foreclosure prevention counselor... This is my life. The constant volley between the two people that make up ME.. By day I am the counselor & the mama. By night I am the passion party consultant & the wife.... I believe that regardless of kids, work, etc you should never stop being sexy. After all you have to keep your mate interested & happy. So this blog will be utilized to discuss different topics about life, love, sex, kids, marriage, etc etc whatever you guys want to hear. It's dedicated to all of you sexy married mamas, papas, singles, etc etc...

A few topics I intend to discuss are:
How to make it happen when you have kids: Quickies around the kiddies..
Top toys that won't freak out your mate
New ideas for adding spice

If you guys have anything on your mind or any topic that you want to discuss let me know or volunteer to guest blog...